Top 10 Tips for booking your wedding car

Top 10 Tips for booking your wedding car

The groom is often the one who fantasises about their dream wedding car and will often be the one who makes the decision on which car to choose.  Here are a few tips on making sure you pick a car that will be perfect for the bride and groom.

1) What type of wedding are you having?

Is it going to be very traditional, more modern, like a fairy-tale or unique and personal to you?  We have a selection of cars that can suit all styles and themes from our cheeky Minor Million to our stunning Rolls Royce Phantoms and beautiful classic Bentleys.

2) How easy will it be to get in and out of the car?

A bride always wants to look elegant on her wedding day and the dress size may need to be considered when choosing your wedding car.  The bride will often want to travel in a four-door car, but a two-door can be chosen for the groom’s journey to the wedding ceremony or for transporting the bridesmaids.

3) What service can be provided by the wedding car supplier. 

A wedding car can help create those special memories for the future.  It is not just about getting to the church or wedding venue but about those special moments you share on the most memorable day of your life. At Portfolio Heritage, we offer a bespoke service that works around your needs and is flexible, even on the day of your wedding.  One of our chauffeurs has even had to take the best man home after dropping off the groom, as he had forgotten the rings! Thankfully, we made sure he was back at the church before the bride arrived. 

4) How many people will travel in each car?

All our stunning wedding cars can take 3-4 passengers, but you should take the size of the bride’s dress into account before working out how many people will travel with her.  Traditionally, it is the Bride plus one companion on the way to the wedding venue and the bride and groom after the service.

5) How comfortable will the car be to travel in?

 This is most important on longer journeys. Is there enough legroom, how smooth will the journey be and how well can the car cope in heavy traffic?  At Portfolio Heritage, we have a selection of stunning cars that will suit your specific needs.

6) How can you ensure that your wedding car makes your wedding photos look even more special?

It is important to think about how the car can help to make you all look your best in your wedding photos.  A white car can sometimes blend in with the bride’s wedding dress or make people look drained. Lots of other colours will contrast with the wedding dress and can often complement the outfits of all the wedding party.

7) How can we transport the other key members of our wedding party?

The main wedding car has been chosen but how will the groom, bridesmaids, mother of the bride or the grooms parents get to the wedding.  If the journeys are not very long, you maybe able to use one car for two journeys. If not, Portfolio Heritage has a wide selection of beautiful wedding cars and we are happy to offer a multi car discount.   

8) Where would you like your photos of the car to be taken?

At Portfolio Heritage, our flexible service enables you to be able to have your photos taken at a place that is special to you.  We can arrange to take you on an extended journey to that special place where your photographer can meet us.

9) A convertible can look stunning in photos but make sure the roof can be put up easily.

One thing we can’t plan for is the weather!  The groom may enjoy travelling with the roof down, but the bride may not want her beautifully styled hair to be blown around!

10) What will happen if the car should break down?

All our cars are serviced regularly and lovingly cared for by our fleet manager.  However, in the unlikely event that a car should break down, we can quickly dispatch another on from our fleet or from our 24-hour sister company.  We will always ensure you arrive in style.  

Please contact us if you would like to have any more information on any of our beautiful cars or our service that can be tailored to meet your needs.

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