Wedding story – Karen Winter – Mother of the bride

That moment, when everyone else has departed for the venue, and it is just you and your daughter waiting for the time to leave, can be stressful. A final check of makeup, a final check of hair. Trying to crack a few jokes. And then………. Out of the front window you see that huge beautiful Bentley S3 pull up, gleaming and shiny. The car was exactly as we expected. A classic! Classy but not over the top. A real statement car!

The driver gets out of the car and politely stands and waits by the back door of the Bentley. His name is Sam and he looks smart and very official in his uniform. He tells us not to rush as we have plenty of time.  Daughter is getting nervous now as we make our way out to the car. Sam smiles and tells her she looks lovely and helps her and her dress into the back of the car. It is utter luxury sat in there. We felt like royalty!

As we have plenty of time, Sam drives ‘the long way’ round to the venue. Once there Sam gets out of the car and opens Leanne’s door, as she moves his arm is ‘there’ for her to lean on and helps her out, then without even being asked he stoops down to arrange her dress behind her. 

After the service and the official bits, the photographer asks for some pics with the car and Sam delights their son by allowing him to wear his chauffeur hat, whilst posing in the driver’s seat. Sam made the day very special for us by being so friendly and helpful. He couldn’t have done anymore.

Booking with Portfolio Heritage was so easy, and I would recommend them for any future Bride, they cater for every need and nothing was too much trouble for them, or their driver. You will not be disappointed!

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